Часть X9. Дополнительные материалы по управлению мощностью

  • Часть X9. Дополнительные материалы по управлению мощностью X_391
  • 9x.1 Reverse Polarity Protection 396 9x.2 Lithium-Ion Single-Cell Power Subsystem 397 9x.2.1 Charger features 397 9x.2.2 Monitor and Protect 397 9x.2.3 Output voltage regulator 398 9x.2.4 Multiple cells: a “battery” 399 9x.3 Low-Voltage Boost Converters 400 9x.4 Foldback Current Limiting 402 9x.5 PWM for DC Motors 403 9x.5.1 The myth: PWM as secret sauce 403 An experiment; Toy trains and sewing machines; Another experiment 9x.5.2 Wrapup: PWM versus dc for motor drive 405 9x.5.3 Afterword: DC motor model 407 Series resistance: Op-amp analogy
  • X9.6 Трансформатор + выпрямитель + конденсатор = огромные выбросы X_410
  • 9x.7 Low-Voltage Clamp/Crowbar 412 9x.7.1 New clamp/crowbar 412 Circuit operation; Additional details; Performance 9x.8 High-Efficiency (“Green”) Switching Power Supplies 415 9x.9 Power Factor Correction ( PFC ) 418 9x. 10 High-Side High-Voltage Switching 421 9x. 11 High-Side Current Sensing 423 9x.11.1 Pulse generator overcurrent limit 423 9x.11.2 Current monitor for high-voltage amplifier 424 Current monitor for HV bipolarity amplifier 9x. 12 High-Voltage Discharge Circuit 427 9x.13 Beware Counterfeits (or, Don’t Bite into That Apple ) 428
  • X9.14 Малошумящий изолированный источник питания X_432
  • 9x. 14 Low-Noise Isolated Power 9x.15 Low-Current Non-isolated DC Supplies 437 9x.15.1 Simplest circuit: reactance-limited zener bias 437 9x.15.2 Improved circuit: full-wave rectifier 437 9x.15.3 Why hasn’t Silicon Valley responded? 438 9x.15.4 Case study: ceiling fan 438 9x.15.5 Inverse Marx generator 439 9x. 16 Bus Converter: the “DC Transformer” 442 9x.16.1 Differences from classic switch-mode converter 442 9x.16.2 Bus converter applications 442 9x.16.3 Bus converter example 442 9x.16.4 A few comments 443 9x. 17 Negative-Input Switching Converters 446 9x.17.1 Negative buck from positive boost 446 9x. 17.2 Negative boost from positive buck 446 9x. 18 Precision Negative Bias Supply for Silicon Photomultipliers 448 9x. 19 High-Voltage Negative Regulator 450 9x.20 The Capacitance Multiplier, Revisited 451 9x.21 Precision Low-Noise Laboratory Power Supply 453 9x.21.1 Overview 453 9x.21.2 Circuit details 455 9x.21.3 Performance 456 9x.22 Lumens to Watts ( Optical) 459 9x.23 Sending Power on a Beam of Light 461 9x.24 ‘ ‘It’s Too Hot” Redux 465 9x.24.1 The finger test 465 9x.24.2 Better thermometry 465 9x.25 Transient Voltage Protection and Transient Thermal Response 474 9x.25.1 The problem 474 9x.25.2 The solution 474 9x.25.3 TVS devices 475 Gas surge arrestors; Metal oxide varistors; Zener TVSs 9x.25.4 MOV versus zener TVS 477 9x.25.5 “Series-mode” transient protection 478 9x.25.6 TVS circuit example 479 Fast-switching magnet 9x.25.7 Transient test circuit 480 Standard test pulses 9x.25.8 Transient thermal response 482

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