Часть X3. Дополнительные материалы по полевым транзисторам

  • Часть X3. Дополнительные материалы по полевым транзисторам X_156
  • 3x.1 A Guided Tour of JFETs 161 3x.1.1 Gate current, Igss and Ig 166

    3x.2 A Closer Look at JFET Transconductance 169 3x.2.1 Dependence of gm on Id 169 3x.2.2 Dependence of gm on VDS 170 3x.2.3 Performance of the transconductance enhancer 171 3x.2.4 Transconductance in the JFET source follower 172

    3x.3 Measuring JFET Transconductance 174

    3x.4 A Closer Look at JFET Output Impedance 175 3x.4.1 A JFET’s gos -limited gain, Gmax 175 3x.4.2 Source degeneration: another way to mitigate the gos effect 176 3x.4.3 Dependence of gos on drain current density 177 3x.4.4 Dependence of gos and Gmax on VDS 178 3x.4.5 A parting shot: gos - sometimes it matters, sometimes it doesn’t 178 3x.4.6 Example: A low-noise open-loop differential amplifier 178

    3x.5 MOSFETs as Linear Transistors 180 3x.5.1 Output characteristics and transfer function 180 Datasheet curves; Measured data 3x.5.2 Linear operation: hotspot SOA limitation 182 3x.5.3 Exploring the subthreshold region 182 MOSFETs at low drain voltage; MOSFETs at high drain voltage 3x.5.4 Exploring a high-voltage MOSFET 185 IXTP1N120 transfer characteristics; IXTP1N120 transconductance 3x.5.5 SPICE models for power MOSFETs in the subthreshold region 187

    3x.5.6 Typical SPICE model for a power MOSFET 189 Equivalent circuit; Model capacitances; Other models 3x.5.7 An unusual low-voltage MOSFET 191

    3x.6 Floating High-Voltage Current Sources 193 3x.6.1 Raising output impedance with acascode 193 3x.6.2 Reducing power dissipation 195 3x.6.3 Small-signal output impedance 195 3x.6.4 Low-cost predictable current source 196 3x.6.5 Current sources for higher voltages 197 A simple scheme; Distributed series string; Some applications: HV amplifier; HV probe; High-voltage current sources: 250 mA; High-voltage current sources: 2 mA; Current sources in high-voltage amplifiers; High-voltage current sources: 5 mA and more; Perfect high-voltage current source

    3x.7 Bandwidth of the Cascode; BJT versus FET 206 3x.7.1 The common-gate/ common-base amplifier 206 3x.7.2 Cascode as common-gate/ common-base amplifier 206 3x.7.3 Estimating cascode bandwidth 207 3x.7.4 What about MOSFETs? 208 3x.7.5 Bandwidth of the source follower 208

    3x.8 Bandwidth of the Source Follower with a Capacitive Load 209 3x.8.1 Follower with resistive signal source 209 3x.8.2 Follower driven with a current signal 210

  • X3.9 Высоковольтный щуп с высоким входным импедансом X_213
  • 3x.10 CMOS Linear Amplifiers 217

    3x.11 MOSFETs Through the Ages 219 3x.11.1 A MOSFET Saga: the First 30 Years 219 3x. 11.2 The next 15 years 222 Logic-level gates; Packages; P-channel MOSFETs; High-voltage parts; Capacitances 3x.11.3 Four kinds of power MOSFETs 228 Comparison of capacitances; Energy: what does all this capacitance stuffmean? Conclusion

    3x. 12 Measuring MOSFET Gate Charge 233 3x.12.1 The gate charge curve depends on load current 233 3x. 12.2 Gate charge curves at constant load current 233 3x.12.3 The gate charge curve depends also on drain voltage 234 3x. 12.4 Gate charge test circuit 234 3x.12.5 The Miller plateau 235

    3x.13 Pulse Energy in Power MOSFETs 238 3x.13.1 Limited only by maximum junction temperature 238 Controlled Conduction; Avalanche Mode 3x.13.2 Alternative graphs 240

    3x.14 MOSFET Gate Drivers 242

  • X3.15 Источники высоковольтных импульсов X_244
  • 3x. 16 MOSFET ON-Resistance versus Temperature 251

    3x.17 Thyristors, IGBTs, and Wide-bandgap MOSFETs 252 3x.17.1 Insulated-gate bipolar transistor (IGBT ) 252 3x.17.2 Thyristors 252 3x.17.3 Silicon carbide and gallium nitride MOSFETs 253

    3x.18 Power Transistors for Linear Amplifiers 254

    3x.19 Generating Fast High-Current LED Pulses 258 3x.19.1 10 ns pulser 258 3x.19.2 High-power pulser 258 Wiring; Gate voltage; Power dissipation 3x.19.3 Integrated LED Drivers 261

    3x.20 Precision 1.5 kV 1 ms Ramp 262

    3x.21Fast Shutoff of High-Energy Magnetic Field 264 3x.21.1 Helmholtz coils, rapid field shutoff 264 3x.21.2 High voltage, high current switches 264

    3x.22 Precision Charge-dispensing Piezo Positioner 266 3x.22.1 Fast MOSFET pulsed charge dispenser 266 3x.22.2 Analog charge dispenser 268 3x.22.3 Small-step pulsed charge dispenser 269

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