Часть X1. Пассивные компоненты в реальном мире

  • Часть X1 Пассивные компоненты в реальном мире X_1

1x.3 Capacitors 34 1x.3.1 Temperature coefficient 34 1x.3.2 ESR 35 1x.3.3 ESL 36 1x.3.4 Dissipation factor 37 1x.3.5 Voltage coefficient of capacitance 38 1x.3.6 AC voltage coefficient 40 1x.3.7 Aging 40 1x.3.8 Frequency dependence of capacitance 40 1x.3.9 Electromechanical self-resonance and microphonics 40 1x.3.10 Dielectric absorption 42 1x.3.11 Capacitor choices for typical applications 42 Bypass and decoupling; Oscillators, filters, and timing; High frequency; Energy storage; AC line filtering; High voltage 1x.3.12 Capacitor miscellany 44

1x.4 Inductors 46 1x.4.1 The basics 46 1x.4.2 Air-core inductors 46 Solenoid - approximate; Solenoid- exact; Toroid; Loop 1x.4.3 Magnetic-core inductors 49 Ferromagnetic materials; Ferrite-core solenoid; Ferrite-core toroid; Gapped core; Noise and spike suppression

lx.4.4 Inductors and transformers for power converters 58 lx.4.5 Why build it, when you can buy it? 58 1x.4.6 Inductor examples 59 Radiofrequency “chokes” and bias-T’s

1x.5 Poles and Zeros, and the “s-Plane” 65

lx.6 Mechanical Switches and Relays 68 1x.6.1 Why use mechanical switches or relays? 68 1x.6.2 So what’s the problem? 68 Relay and switch contact life; Contact protection; Relay coil suppression; Improving relay switching speed 1x.6.3 Other switch and relay parameters 75 Switches: Function, actuator, bushing, terminals; Relays: Moving-armature, reed, and solid-state

1x.7 Diodes 77 1x.7.1 Diode characteristics 77 The family tree; Reverse (leakage ) current; Forward voltage drop; Dynamic impedance; Peak current; Reverse capacitance; Zener capacitance 1x.7.2 Stored charge and reverse recovery 83 Reverse recovery test circuit; Dependence on reverse and forward currents; Dependence on diode size; Schottky and fast-recovery diodes; Soft-recovery diodes; Step-recovery diodes; A far-out step-recovery application: Larkin’s 40-amp kilovolt pulser; What about forward recovery? 1x.7.3 The tunnel diode 89 Current versus voltage: Region of negative resistance; Measuring the tunnel diode characteristic curve; Tunnel diode trigger circuit

1x.8 Miscellaneous Circuits with Capacitors and Inductors 94 1x.8.1 Improved leading-edge detector 94 1x.8.2 Capacitance multipliers 94

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